Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Postitbreakup presents ... "Not a Fake Baby! These are Life like Reborn Dolls!"


"I hate the term "Fake Baby" These are life like reborn dolls. "reborn" is a term that was used when these dolls first started being created. Regular play dolls were used and were "reborn" to look like a real baby. Taken apart, repainted, hair rooted, new cloth body, etc.

"I don't collect them, I create them for high end doll collectors that can appreciate a work of art when they see it.

"The photos are creatively taken to make the dolls appear as real as possible when listing them for sell/adoption. I don't have parties for them, I don't feed them and bathe them, Etc.

"They don't grow, they don't eat, drink, poop, pee, cry, or anything else. Some of the comments I have gotten are posted by complete morons so excuse them, I don't have time to moderate and don't have the energy to defend myself or my collectors to ignorant people. Thanks for looking." -JasenJenn

the fantastic documentary

that sparked my interest in this topic

The full video is not on Youtube, but it is available for free through Veoh:




bringing up baby

mom & baby out & about

additional media coverage

additional information

reborn-baby.com (one site out of the hundreds and hundreds Google shows)



p.s. Hey. The honorable d.l. Postitbreakup has a nice doozy of a post for us today, and I hereby second its coolness and leave you to wander through it in your mind and then hopefully comment post-traverse to and with your guest-host. Thank you, folks, and thank you most especially, Mr. P. ** Postitbreakup, And speaking of ... Thank you, Josh. Primo. The pre-altered photo of VK is positively pornographic. Very nice erasing job, for sure. The text for the maze piece? Well, people will walk through the maze -- think spooky house or video game translated into the real world but more, uh, cerebral -- which at this point is planned to resemble a hotel that will grow increasingly nightmarish and complicated, and the texts will be 'spoken' by maybe 16 teenaged robots who will be positioned at various points, and there will be voices/ texts that people will hear through the doors and walls and coming from seemingly nowhere and stuff. No live actors planned, at least so far. Man, you haven't been douchey at all. No way. Thanks for the lists. 'Bossypants', ha ha, okay. I like her, obviously. I'll pursue. Yeah, nice Lil Wayne track, assuming your FUCK was a positive one. ** Empty Frame, Morning it is! I'm following the Athens stuff as best I can, yeah. It's exciting, as is the idea of heading down shit creek without a paddle. Lovely picks, thank you. I still need to read 'The Pale King'. Awesome you read Sebald. I'm in the mood to reread him. I've noted the fair amount of stuff and artists I don't know for discovery, which I guess is why I asked. Yeah, thanks, bud. I wish you peachiness too. ** David Ehrenstein, Very interesting about 'We Were Here'. First I've heard if it. Can't imagine that getting a release over here, so I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. ** Pilgarlic, Hey, man. Yeah, I heard about Clarence Clemons. Sad. I've never been much of a Springsteen guy, but I always liked what Clemons brought. I'm sad about that 'Jackass' guy's death too. Yuck. How are you? ** Bernard Welt, 'Beginners' opens here this week, and I'm going to catch it, of course. I don't know about 'Island'. It's news to me. So, I won't be able to find it online somewhere? If you want to put some materials together on it, that would be great! Describe said underwear. I wonder if the Rimbaud-imprinted porn star is this guy whose name was (Something) Rimbaud. Early 00's guy. Escorted for a while too. I might have even had him in one of my monthly posts. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Man, you're getting awfully close to the Recollets. It's cool. That Barbara Lüneburg thing does sound really interesting, as does 'Activity Center'. Hm, yeah, I'll investigate further. Thanks, B. ** Nb, You're returned! It's true! Marvelous. I have been following your California arrival and acclimation stuff on FB a bit. Your childlike wonder at finding yourself in a mall, etc. Anyway, I want to know more. Will I ruin everything if I ask about your writing? If so, ignore. I'm good-ish, busy-ish. Actually, edit that -ish off the busy. Are you still sort of thinking you might head over this way this year, or has the move West made that unlikely(-ish)? Anyway, man, I am so happy to have you back. ** Nick, Hi, Nick. Big thanks for the list. There are a bunch of things there that I don't know and that have been scribbled on a piece of paper that will soon form my internet map for the next days. A pleasure. How are you doing? ** Posing at the Louvre, Mm, okay, that's fine, but I'm holding you to that promise not to tag it as me. ** Sypha, Hi, Syph. You've reminded me that I really need to get the William Bennett album. Thanks, pal. ** Jesse Hudson, Jesse! A rare honor and pleasure to have you here! And with lists as your accompaniment. Thanks for putting the 'Swarm' on there. I've never read another book by Tournier that's remotely close to being as good as 'The Ogre'. If you find one, let me know. He seems to have been completely forgotten over here, and maybe that's why? Anyway, my eyes are sparkling at your appearance here, needless to say. ** Alan, Really? I wonder if I can guess the ones. Well, you almost never talk about music here or respond to the music posts, so I have no idea in that category. Book: Leve. Art: Thek. Film: ... uh, hm ... the Woody Allen? Sites: No, this is tough. Not Haunted House Association. Everyone likes HTMLG, but I bet that's not the one. Hunh, I really don't know. Zach's blog? ** Schoolboyerrors, Greetings, sir. There almost nothing but movies on your list that I haven't seen and need to. Hold on, I'm trying to write things down so I don't forget them quickly but not so quickly that I won't be able to read my scrawls. It's a tricky balance. Okay, got it. Well, you'd better come visit Paris pretty soon because the Kapoor piece/show finishes the day after tomorrow. But there'll be other great stuff if you do miss it, I'll make sure of that. ** Joel Sagiv, Hi, Joel! Thanks for the list. Good stuff. I can't get into the new Panda Bear, even though I loved the first album. I've tried a few times. I think I'm suffering from Brian Wilson influence fatigue or something right now. That sucks about your friend having to join the army. Is it hard to get out of that, to fake some doctor report or something? No news on the Israel shows, but no news just means the negotiations are still in progress. That was an interesting dream you had, yes. I would love to hear our resident dream expert Mr. Bernard Welt weigh in on that one. ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. I spaced on the Tune Yards and the Destroyer LPs when I was making my list. Those could have been on there. 'The Turin Horse' hasn't opened here yet. I just got lucky because G. and I have been recording theater stuff at this great music/tech center here called Ircam, and they were screening the film there when we were recording the 'LS,AP' voices, and I slipped into the screening and watched about 2/3 of it. I thought it was really fantastic. Up there with 'Werckmeister Harmonies' and 'Satan's Tango' maybe and more akin to them than to 'The Man from London'. I'm very anxious to see 'Meek's Cutoff'. I think it opens here either this week or next. Oh, dude, happy 5th birthday to Destination: Out! Everyone, the great 'Destination: Out' site co-manned by our own Chilly Jay Chill just turned five years old. Go over there (using the link) and tool around in its riches today to celebrate, why don't you?' ** Steevee, Hey. Thanks for the list. Like I was saying to d.l. sbe, I spaced on the Destroyer and Tune Yards albums, both of which are great. I finally started putting together the underground hip hop gig post last night, actually. If you want to point me at those new Odd Future videos, please do, or else I'll go try to find them. Thanks, Steve. Yeah, news on the post's launch before too long. ** Dr. Dusty Dee, Hi, Dusty! Super happy to know you share my love for 'Tree of Life', man! Hope your phonees picked up and said great stuff. ** The Dreadful Flying Glove, Hey, Glove. Being that I'm not familiar with almost all of your picks, I'm noting them down. Hold on. There. You've sold on me on The Clientele album, for instance. I'll probably get that today. That 'oh fuck, I'm still me' thing happened to me at a certain point after I started lingering over here. But once you get past that acknowledgement, you start seeing the new aspects. It's an interesting process. Huzzah for your bossdom indeed. Who better? Lots of love in mega-return. ** Thomas, Man, thank you. I spun that song couple of times yesterday, and I love it. There's this kind of tense wandering quality I really like. Yeah, awesome! Ha ha, you picked the one Pollard 2011 release that I don't have. I'm ordering or downloading that the minute I finish up here. I want to at least hear that new Gavin Friday too. Etc. Yep, yep, great stuff there, man. Thanks! ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Yeah, I'm going to rectify my lack of the 'Cut Hands' album right away. I don't know that 'On the Beyond' book, and I love (and am pals with) both Kelley and Shaw, so I need to check around for that tome. The Trash Fiction site is great. I didn't know it. I'm sure it'll come in handy via post making. Thanks! Everyone, courtesy of _Black_Acrylic and in his words: 'I got this link sent by a friend today: Trash Fiction, a comprehensive database of exploitation literature. If anyone's not yet aware of it, then I'm sure you'll find something of interest.' Check it out. I just did, and it looks like a total boon. ** Josh feola, Hey, Josh! Thanks about my list, man. Yeah, I'm crazy about the Iceage album. That link vis-a-vis the Iceage-curated fest is terrific, thanks. I'd read a bit about it and the scene via some links or offshoots from Iceage's blog, but I hadn't seen that one with its helpful mp3s. Everyone, Josh Feola passes along this link to a post/ report on an 'Iceage-Curated DANISH PUNK FUCK YOU Showcase at Copenhagen's Distortion Fest', and if you're interested in Iceage and/or in the great, bursting post-hardcore/ metal/ noise scene happening in Denmark, I highly advice you check that out. Your video/doc on D-22 is really fascinating. Beautifully done, and, yeah, just a terrific, helpful piece of work there. Much respect to you on that. Dirty Beaches sounds awfully curious. I'll go hunt his stuff down, and many thanks for the link to the Luxinpei tracks. I'll be all over that when I'm through here for today. I like what I've heard of Gun Outfit -- a track or two -- and I'll go deeper there as well as use the Death Grips link/ entree as well. Very generous of you, man. Thanks a lot! ** Misanthrope, I didn't realize your niece is a full-fledged person. I mean, not a little kid. Parakeet Dick Day! Mm, on second thought, ... That Big Show video isn't watchable in my country. Wtf?! I just got a French-Canadian lady telling me something in Quebecois French about what a marvelous thing it was that I have been prevented from watching. ** Colin, Hey, C. The list wrote itself. I am but its humble and grateful inscriber. Did you enjoy doing the Slovakia event? I'm going to check into Jonty Tiplady, thanks. What a nice name. Bon Tuesday to you, my friend. ** Bollo, Hey, J. Oh, your girlfriend's show! Are there pix to see? I'd love to know her work. Thank you for the list. There's a few I don't know, but I'll try to rectify that. ** Tomáš, Goodness gracious, hey, T! Very long time no see /hear. How are you? Holidays? Congrats. Does that mean I might get to see you? Take care, my friend. ** With that, Tuesday and its residue leave the blog, and Wednesday's freshness becomes the new point. That freshness is all Positbreakup's doing, so imbibe and then talk about your imbibement (that's not a word?!) and whatever else, yes? See you tomorrow.

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