Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from the dead (by special request): Naked Distinguished Locals Self-Portrait Day (orig. 01/30/07)


kissing/CBT/fisting/SM/bondage/dirty : yes but
weird-shit-youve-never-heard-of : more likely
smoke/drink/party : no
mannerisms/style : shaman
rate/hour : £273, 13% off if green eyes
language : english/french/spanish/TONGUES
---bring your own heart ---

Paul Curran







While in El Paso last month, I scanned three decades of family photos. Came across this and vaguely remember it being taken while I was in the fourth or fifth grade. And I think my older brother took it, and I remember being kinda pissed about it and wanting to get him back by taking a picture of him in the shower, but when I pressed the button I was also running away from the bathroom, too giddy that I was pulling some caper off to hold the camera steady, so there's no corresponding pic of my brother.


My grill before I got iced out; gateway opened by my pimp cup.


"hi, im areader not a poster"


"No one has seen my body unclothed in twelve months."

Math t

1. What I can give you: a smirk.

2. What I can't: third finger left hand.

3. Not quite naked but: bodytype mirrorshot.


"notnaked" is a capitualtion.

Alice in Chains

This is the top of my left thigh, 4 small self-inflicted scars that both commemorated and lamented the 4 years I was friends with my best friend. She moved away severing us completely, after an intense 4 year long friendship. I did it the night she left and the scars remains as a reminder of the time we spent together.

My torso - I’m fairly happy with my body, I don’t have too many issues, I think I look better with clothes on, but I like dressing up so I’m biased, being naked just seems sort of dull comparatively. Also maybe I’d rather be a guy, but that’s if I’m being picky.

Winter rates




The heat of summer used to make me break out with heat rash in all of these same spots. I was born with a heat rash, in fact.

On the playground, my friend and I took turns measuring how big our breasts were by cupping a hand over one and seeing who had the most cupped hand. Mine never did come in, and at twenty-three, I'm still mistaken for fifteen.

I have my father's nose, mouth and sensitivity. From my mother comes my hair and small bones. I still don't know which one to blame for the penicillin allergy.

Bett & Sara



Brian Curtin

A friend of mine is currently in Bangkok producing a book of photographs of a Thai boxer named Tam. The project is dominating at the moment, so please accept this image as proxy for me.


my boyfriend likes this one better than my nudes...i have only posted a couple times but i took this after reading alot of bukowski and drinking malt liker...enjoy!!!!


This is my right hand, with which I do everything except the most important thing a man ever does. Please notice my oddly shaped thumb, the result of three fractures, two sports-related, the other from losing a wrestling match to a pillow. On the palm of my hand is a scar just under my index finger from a fight a long time ago. Most interesting is the fact that my ring finger is longer than my index finger, confirmation - using obscure logic from a long-defunct website - that I do indeed prefer boys to girls.



1. my semi naked fat ugly self.

2. my naked arm w/ a naked girl on it.


I only like my body when it's giving me pain.


The Coming Outhouse Chronicles
2007, VHS/Pal, Dir: Nick Hudson,

Nick Hudson stars as Nick Hudson, a 20-something deaf mute born in the torrid environs of his mother's perishing outhouse, returns daily to the scene of his birth to engage in extreme and grueling sex acts with any hot young thing capable of wielding a fist whilst hollering 'I LOVE YOU'. One afternoon, a mysterious and all-too-familiar figure arrives at the outhouse door...

... the frisson is palpable, as the intensely dominant troubadour orders Nick to bend across the bowl and be taken violently. From the first violation, Nick knows that this guy is the one, and pulling the mysterious musician deeper into his aching firmament, love blossoms amidst the humming aromas of blood, sweat and narcissism... A frothy romantic comedy starring Nick Hudson as Nick Hudson, and Nick Hudson as Nick Hudson, delightful helmed by Nick Hudson, The Coming Outhouse Chronicles will amuse and outrage in equal measures. Are you coming out this season..?


Secrets of a Cross-Dresser: Beneath His Pleated Slacks

Maria McGregor


JW Veldhoen

Find my portrait (of a sort, cock reserved for presence only) here.

Dennis Cooper

People always like my feet.

Bernard Welt


um, guys, I know I could have done better... thing is I'm really not into being photographed, I regularly chicken out of it, so basically I didn't have much choice when I picked the first picture here, from vacation stuff. The second is when yesterday I thought, OK, fuck, let's get a picture of myself naked for DC's blog. I put the camera on the ground and set the timer and shit, what am I doing? --changed my mind but the fucker went off. I sort of liked the picture anyway so here it is. Sorry for beheading them both, and blurring shit out, like it was hornymatches or something. Although I am very aware of living in our Big Bro era, for a number of reasons I'm still totally unable to merge my public and private identities like that.


I have very small ears. One of the first things my boyfriend ever said to me was 'have your ears shrunk?' I rarely think about my ears, but my boyfriend is strangely proud of them. When he describes me it usually involves the phrase 'and very small ears'.


Jeff's Dick

Killer Luka

this is me naked, sans clothings. As one might observe, its not a normal
body. it is hard to get around ( i hop), which occasionally causes my gun
cock to go off and kill people, but fingering my snail nipple is satisfying
for all.
behold i am not an animal...i am a human being.


most of the time, i hate my body. i can only relate to it as an object for use and consequent disposal.


"I slammed my index finger in my bathroom door."


This photo is from film director and all-around great guy, Brandon Walley. It's a still from the Userlands film.

Dick shot: My boyfriend and I used to own and run a barber shop. One day I thought it would be a nice idea to give Weavie a phone pic of my dick, and leave it as the screen saver on his phone. I worked myself up to half-hard and shot the pic. At that exact moment, a new customer was coming through the doors. I was behind a counter, so the dude didn't see my junk hauled out, but he certainly saw that I was taking a photograph of something crotch-ish. (He was a return customer until we closed the biz.)




p.s. Hey. So, someone wrote to me and asked if I would repost this Day, and that wish appears to have been my command. Hence, you get 'naked' d.l.s today, some of whom are long lost regulars or irregulars now. A flash back, if you will. Oh, and I have a (most of the) daylong meeting/ work session tomorrow starting in the morning, so I won't be able to do the usual kind of p.s. There'll a post, a hello, an intro, and I'll catch up with your accumulated comments on Friday. ** Bill, Cool about the Luneberg. It's not easy to get small-press English language books here. I order most of them online. Shakespeare & Co. carries some sporadically. Red Wheelbarrow is pretty good, although its focus is mostly poetry. So, yeah, no indie press gold mine awaits you, sadly. ** 'Stoopid Slapped Puppies', Hey, Nick! Wow, you have indeed returned to 'SSP'! New work! I, of course, will go read it greedily when I get done doing this p.s. thing. Great! Everyone, I'm very happy to announce that, if you don't already know, the masterful writer Nick Brook aka 'Stoopid Slapped Puppies' has begun posting new writings and things on his legendary blog after a long break, and, as many of you know, he and his talents are, like, whoa, and I highly recommend getting (back) into the habit of making 'SSP' one of your regular stops. You can begin by clicking this. So very happy that you're not only working hard but leaking. Wait, that sounded weird. I grew up with a pool in my backyard. I was a regular inside it when growing up. I've never done the public pool thing. Too much chlorine and too much of the stuff that chlorine is there to erase and all that, I guess. If I ever have enough money to buy a house, there are going to be pools, a moat, a river running through the interior and all kinds of swimmable stuff. I drew a picture of that dream house when I was a kid, and I'm going to stick to it. Love, respect, and everything else. ** Joel Sagiv, Hey. Our resident dream expert Mr. Welt did weigh in on your dream yesterday, in case you didn't see it. So, your friend wasn't up for pulling a charade in front of a mental health officer? I guess that's understandable. I was draft age during the Vietnam war, and I got called up, but my parents cajoled some doctor into exaggerating my kind of bad back into a big problem, and I managed to get refused. Scary shit, that was. I really like that dream with me in it, obviously. It's full of things I dream of doing, and I would slap a metal tunnel entrance onto my glorified dorm room's boring door in a heartbeat. Your dream read my mind, iow. ** David Ehrenstein, Hey, D. Thanks much for the links. I'll go pursue what's there later. Yes, you should go see the Sparks/ Maddin stage show, no? If I were in LA, I'd crawl there. ** Bernard Welt, Thank you for speaking to Joel's dream. Who'd have thunk? Your exes always seem to end up having pretty okay lives, yes? Well, most of them unless I'm forgetting a ton of them. ** Pilgarlic, That was some drive. Georgia has been getting really dramatic lately. I guess a lot of places are, but still. We're just getting weird cold weather and rain at the wrong time of year over here. Nothing that an umbrella can't make relatively doable. Ooh, xanax, yum. ** Nick, Hey, Nick. Thanks for the catch up. I'd love to hear the new Communion work. Will you upload it or release it ere too long? ** Nb, I don't know this 'eggs in basket' ritual. Either it's newish, or Southern Cal. wasn't having it when I was young. Yeah, right, I'll get to see you in SF on my book tour, won't I? Wow, trippy, but only the first time. Goat legs: very hairy and bouncy? Fragments published? Where? Tell me. Very cool! Soon you'll be a New Narrative writer. It seems to happen to everyone who moves to SF. But you're pretty tough. The 'ish'? Oh, 'cos of a bit too much work (mostly re: that festival that Gisele and I are co-curating), writing not going so well right now, being in a period of frustration/ melancholy about the imprisoning aspect of Yury's visa problems, etc. Nothing serious in the '-ish'. I would love to do a Skype talk. You bet! I guess it would probably need to morning your time, evening my time? That's usually when I talk to my West Coast buds. Yeah, let's do it! When's good for you? ** Oscar B, Budster! We should hook up. Maybe this early afternoon, what do you say? ** MANCY, Hi, man. When is your trip? ** Sypha, Seems like he would be aware of them, right? Maybe you should post a link on his site or whatever. I assume that medium was pushing a book? Sounds kind of fun. Being the cynic I am on these things, it's hard for me to believe she could do something as wildly theatrical as channel supposed dead relatives soothingly while believing in what she's doing, but powers of denial can be amazingly preemptive, obviously. ** Kiddiepunk, I'm not digging this rain. Did you do Fete de Musique last night? I forgot it was happening until I heard the echoing techno through my window. See you in a few? ** Alan, I'm pretty chuffed that I got the Zach German guess right. That was hard. 10%? Is that all? Since all five of your picks were among my picks, it seems more like ... oh, wait, I get it. 'Cos the other huge percent of mine were non-starters for you. Okay, never mind. Well, 10% isn't the end of the world, right? ** Steevee, Congrats, Steve! That's a victory you certainly deserve to say the least! Thanks for the OF links. I'll go find them. I've heard of that 'My Strange Addiction' show. Hm, it sounds watchable. Clips, here I come, God willing. ** Jesse Hudson, Jesse! That 'Friday' is on Le Monde's best of forever list is weird. I thought it was pretty meh. Just sort of a Frenchified, dragged out Robinson Crusoe rewrite. I do remember thinking 'Gemini' was pretty good. I need to flip through his books in a store and reacquaint myself. Talk to you soon! ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. Yeah, anxious to see 'Meek's Cutoff'. Hallucinatory westerns ... In fact, I just bought myself a copy of Ishmael Reed's hallucinatory western novel 'Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down' after having had a sudden jones to reread it. I remember it being terrific. The first three or four Ishmael Reed novels are great and really overlooked, I think. I know the name of that Fassbinder film, and I've seen almost all of his films, but I think I might not have seen that one. Did you read that they've recently rediscovered a lost film of Fassbinder's, made for TV, that is going to get a release at last? Word is that it's pretty great. I can't remember the title. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. How's the bike? It's raining cats and dogs here. Very anti-biking weather. ** Dr. Dusty Dee, Totally, yeah, about 'Tree of Life'. Obviously, I urge you towards 'The Sisters Brothers' even though you don't need encouragement. A western! Hunh, there it is again. Interesting. It is a really underused idea and form, I think, with a lot of possibilities. 'The Recent Kingdom' is your project's title? Is that the one in-progress? What a terrific name. I really look forward to discovering it when the time comes. Great! Business degree won't stifle your creativity. If anything, it'll probably cause making art to feel even more like heaven or something. ** Postitbreakup, Hey, Josh. It went really great yesterday, no? I sure thought so. Congrats, and thank you so much again. Uh, no, I'm writing all new texts for the maze piece. The only piece of ours apart from 'Jerk' that used preexisting work of mine in a small way was 'I Apologize'. Yeah, there'll some kind of narrative. We don't know what the maze will be made of yet. We're many months from actually starting to construct the structure. First, I have to write the text/narrative. Then we'll start working on the sound and structure and decor and all that using models (real world and rendered/ computer-based) and maybe some lifesize dummy breakaway maze pieces that we can move around. We'll need a huge work space to actually build it, and we don't want to start paying rent on that until we have to. Very interesting about how the form and structure of those memoirs is giving you formal ideas for your work. Yeah, that's great! It does sound like a very interesting, fruitful form idea. Blake doesn't hate you. One confrontational comment is not hate, and he writes those to lots of people over there. It's the way he nudges. Again, my great pleasure on the hosting, and the thanks are all from me to you. ** Misanthrope, The things that come with countries' borders sucks wholly sometimes. I should be able to turn on my TV and watch the Sy-Fy Channel, and you should be able to turn on yours and watch, uh, 'CSi' dubbed into French. Why does FB get that 'Blue Eagle' thing? What is my blog, chopped liver?! FB just takes and takes and takes. But embracing change is important. So, yeah. ** Squeaky, Squeakster! Very good point about the language. Hat tip. Hooray on the step up re: the grant! Yes! A Squeaky/ Killian double whammy! I'm all knitted fingers over here. I'm glad Paris is still on your mind. I would be prepared with a hearty double cheek kiss, be assured. I'm okay. Stuff's good, just a bit too much work going on at the moment, but it's good work. Love from me-ster. ** With that, I give you lots of sort of and in some cases symbolic nudity. As I said, no p.s. tomorrow, but I'll wave hello in the morning before I see you again in my usual style on Friday.

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