Friday, June 24, 2011

Galerie Dennis Cooper presents ... Florian-Ayala Fauna


Florian-Ayala Fauna is a newly 20 year-old visual artist and composer/ musician based in Indio, California. I first came across his art and sound projects in the occasionally enlightening confines of Facebook a few weeks ago. I think his work is remarkable -- rich and devoted and fulfilled by gifts both fully evident and mysterious with promises that I can feel more than locate. I wanted to give my imaginary gallery over to his art out of admiration and because I sense that you who read and distinguish this blog with your comments might also find his work interesting. I'm hoping that, if you're impressed with the display today, you will show your support and share your thoughts in the comments arena since, in addition to being a young and relatively new artist, he is making his unusual and distinctive art/music very much on his own with limited resources in a city where artistic comrades and people who recognize and validate his talent are extremely few and far between. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance. -- DC

Florian-Ayala Fauna is currently a student on leave from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. In addition to his own projects, he has collaborated on music with Stephen Thrower (Coil, Cyclobe), Charlie Martineau (Esperik Glare), and others. His sound and visual work have been featured at Beam Festival (UK) and Currents Event 2011 @ Digital Dome in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Florian-Ayala Fauna's Website
F-AF's uncertain resource @ bandcamp
F-AF's uncertain page @ Facebook
F-AF @ Discogs
F-AF's video channel @ Vimeo


Fragility, purity, and corruption are subjects that I explore in my work.

Working in a wide range of mediums and practices, my artwork aims to reflect the innermost qualities of the human mind and soul, where one is most vulnerable and weak yet pure in essence. The unknown, the unspeakable, and the unnatural are all dealt with in my pieces. The dichotomies we experience throughout life are focused upon in my body of work, exploring both the separation and the unity of both extremes. The sacred and the profane, the pure and the corrupted, and so on are all elements to my work which continue to be explored in a variety of different ways.

Haunted by the past, lost in the present, and uncertain about the future, I attempt to reflect my own personal turmoil through my work as well as the underlying despair and anguish I see in the world around me. I intend to bring attention to the unspoken, the disintegrating, and the forgotten.

My exploration of themes dealing with nature and wildlife is a personal means of communicating with the other, a pure form of life which has seen everything and nothing at once and has experienced changes no human has yet to encounter. The animal represents a form of life that can be both beautiful and savage, yet still remain unblemished by the inherit agony of being human. -- Florian-Ayala Fauna

Painting, photograph, collage

from the 'fox' series

fox 21062011
watercolor on paper

fox 17.6.2011 ii
watercolor on paper

fox 1762011
watercolor on paper

fox 15.6.2011 [original]

fox 15.6.2011
photograph w/ water

fox 14.6.2011
painting, 2011


collage, 2011

collage and ink, 2011

survivor’s guilt
acrylic and ink, 2010
the word ‘why’ written countless times

photograph and fire, 2010-2011

photograph, 2009

photograph, 2009

collage, 2011

your hands were small then
collage, 2009


uncertain grief: silence in five movements

Hear or download parts iii, iv, v

uncertain seahorse (abyssopelagic)

Hear or download tracks 3 - 11



invocation of the black jackal

grief i

falling into a dream (alone)

video for the piece 'Invocation' by in serpents and seas (charlie martineau, florian-ayala fauna with e.s. toltecatl)


p.s. Hey. I introduced the post to you up above, so ... Oh, speaking of excellent art, this weekend is your last chance to see 'The Weaklings' show at Five Years in London if you're in that vicinity. Please do, if you can. ** Wednesday ** 'Stoopid Slapped Puppies', Nick! Love your new pieces! So great to have new work from you wending into my consciousness again. Thanks for the tip on the site, I'll check it. Have you read Ben Brooks' new novel? I paged through a friend's copy briefly, and, wow, it's really different than his earlier work. ** Bill, My feet are my secret weapon. I know Gay Beast by name, but ... hm, I'm not sure I've actually heard or even overheard them. To their site I will go a little later, thank you! ** David Ehrenstein, Ah, of course you know the scoop on that lost/found 'Fassbinder'. Sounds very, very curious. ** Paul Curran, Yeah, how about that? And you, your novel, ... ? What's the naked truth? ** Nick, Hey. Excellent. Give me news when that's ready. Prison Tatt Records looks cool. It's new to me. I'll scour its canon and intake sections shortly. Yeah, thanks, man! ** MANCY, Friday ... That's today! Are you gone already? If not, fun and safe everything. You've joined the enlightened ones, i.e. us vegetarians? Fuck yeah. Don't give into early stage temptations. It's worth the wait. Anyway, I await your transmissions with mouth ajar. ** Bacteriaburger, Hey, Natty! So good to see you! Thanks! Hey, what's the latest on your book and, well, any/everything else in the 'hood of your life? ** Alan, Howdy. I haven't seen/gotten/read Ashbery's Rimbaud yet. Knowing for sure that it will show up at Shakespeare & Co., I'm waiting to buy it there and support their cause. Have you read it yet? ** Bernard Welt, I was going to say. ** Brendan, That's not what I hear. ** Shannon, Hey, Shannon! Awesome! And so happy to have decrankied you. Well, I guess the daring d.l.s get all the credit apart from the tiny credit that goes to my naked feet. 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Bollo aka Jonathan Mayhew, has a show up in Ireland at the moment, and Bollo has provided a link to a short video tour of the show, and the work is really wonderful, and I highly recommend that you check it out. Very nice! There are still Tower Records in existence? That's trippy in and of itself, not to mention that one of the remaining outlets has Sotos' 'Proxy' in stock. Dude, thanks! ** Schlix, Uli! You tried to get in contact with me when you here? Weird, I didn't get anything. Did you send a phone text maybe? I don't know if it's a problem of my phone or of the French phone system or what, but a lot of times I never get text messages from friends from other countries when they send texts to me while here in France. It's really strange. Anyway, shit, I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you, but I'm glad you had a nice time. Yeah, the Kapoor piece ... impressive, right? Man, I hope you feel a whole lot better immediately. All the very best! ** _Black_Acrylic, Wait, those are the same comments I responded to above. Trippy. Anyway, hey Ben, and here's a second set of hugs. ** Okay, we're caught up now. It would be awesome if you guys like the work today and put in a good word to the artist, if you feel like it. I have a rare day ahead with no meetings scheduled, so I'm going to do ... I don't know what. Live a little somehow. See you tomorrow.

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