Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Poem - Remember Me?

Hello Readers.

Remember Me? is yet another poem/song composed by me. It is 100% original work of mine. It is little inspired from the Enrique Iglesias song "Somebody's Me" but it is completely different in lyrics and context. 

This song will soon be a part of the upcoming story which I am planning to write. It will be too early to talk about that story as its just in my mind. For the time being enjoy the song.

Remember ME?

I know you don't remember me, the way I remember you.

I know it wasn't a love for you, But for me it was everything.

I know you can't feel me, but i can't feel anything except you.

I know it was just a friendship for you, But it was everything for me.

I know i was just another guy for you, but you were my life.

I know you don't want me, I know you don't care about me.

But still I want you as I love you.

I really love you, I really feel for you, I really care for you.

I really want you as I can't live without you.

I hope you enjoyed the song.

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Best Regards,

Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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  1. Hello. This is my poem with whose permission you copied it??

    You are kindly requested to remove my works from your blog.

    For your reference My original work is at

    Looking forward for your kind support..

    Navneet Singh Chauhan