Saturday, June 11, 2011

Desperation at it's finest

I'm sure you all remember someone under the username name 'Alexapie', a user notorious for being a famewhore/bipolar maniac. There were rumours that 'Alexapie' was infact MizzMileyCyrus, now I think you all might know someone called north-girl (now 'Alexapie') who's been rimming me since he's added me on Skype. His account north-girl got hacked however he started using an account called 'Alexapie' weird right? Anyway in my GB earlier on today I said something about MizzMileyCyrus being the owner of the 'Alexapie' account.
He erupted just moments ago on Skype where I had to endure this painfully embarrassing (on his part) conversation.
I assume I'm not the only one cringing with disbelief of how nuisances like this still walk the planet.

Do you think Austin/Northgirl/Alexapie is MizzMileyCrus?

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