Monday, June 13, 2011

Slideshow: 'The Weaklings', an art exhibition curated by DC @ Five Years, London, 06/08/11 - 06/10/11


Press release


pictured: Marc Hulson (tender prey), Michael Salerno (kiddiepunk), OB De Alessi (Oscar B), Esther Planas, DC, Emma Wolf Deraze (Wolf), Jonathan Mayhew (Bollo).

'The Weaklings'

Room 1

The works

Esther Planas

Kier Cooke Sandvik

Jonathan Mayhew

OB De Alessi

Daniel Portland

Alex Rose

Marc Hulson

Alex Rose

Marc Hulson

Math Tinder

Jared Pappas-Kelley

(watch JP-K's video)

The zine stand

Room 2

The works

Michael Salerno

Emma Wolf Deraze

Steven Purtill

Alex Rose

Joel Westendorf

Michael Salerno

C.L. Martin

Bill Hsu

(watch an early demo of Hsu's work)

The opening

(Some of the) attendees, pictured and not: Nick Hudson, Joe, Diarmuid Hester (schoolboyerrors), Dom Lyne, Lee, Steven T. Hanley, DC, Tom Kendall, Thomas Moore (Thomas Moronic), Paul Curran, Caroline Simpson (puella aeterna), Cornelia Grassi, Frances Stark, David Velasco, Stuart Comer, Dario, Martin (Selfish Cunt), James Batley, Anne-Sophie Dinant, Simon Parris, Marc Hulson, Jonathan Mayhew, OB De Alessi, Michael Salerno, Esther Planas, Emma Wolf Deraze, ...

The OB De Alessi performance

Afterparty, Bistrotheque



p.s. Hey. So, there's all that my -- and, in a few cases, Kiddiepunk's -- camera(s) wrote, but if you have any questions about the show or event or anything, fire away. ** Dom Lyne, Hey, Dom! Yeah, it was really great to get to hang out. Thanks a lot for making the trek, and, yeah, I would love a copy of the book, if you don't mind. Take care. ** 'Stoopid Slapped Puppies', Hi, Nick! I wish there had been a way to photograph Esther's piece and performance properly. Shame there's not a sonic equivalent of a scratch 'n' sniff thing. Her piece (see below) made noise and, when she was performing with it, a lot of noise. Awesome. Good luck with the editing, and I'm always hungry for reports. Big love and respect to you, sir. ** Lee, Hey! This is really cool -- seeing you here. Not as cool as was seeing you for real, of course, but still. I just had a quick glance over at Tom's site, but the work does look really good, and I'm going to explore the site and work fully when I get through here. Everyone, writer and gentleman supreme Lee (pictured below somewhere) recommends the site/work of an artist named Thomas Darby and, based on my initial peek, the work looks excellent, so I recommend you use this link and join me in checking out his work today. Really great luck with that interview. Hopefully their wisdom will be working properly on that occasion. Take care, man. ** David Ehrenstein, Hey. Wonderful about the Woronov doc. It's about time. Oh, I got your post-laden email -- amazing -- and the follow up, and everything is set to go on Saturday, the 25th. Thank you a gazillion, David! ** Chris Cochrane, Hey. Great about all the 'Them'/Zorn stuff. Hope your weekend was okay. There was a memorial for my dad yesterday in LA, but, of course, I wasn't there except in my heart. ** Tomkendall, Hi, Tom! So excellent to get to see you at the shebang. I hear you about the Bistrotheque prices. I chose to twiddle my thumbs as I talked instead. Thanks for coming, T! ** Ken Baumann, Ken! Yeah, I thought that interview was super good, and, well, I guess that's obvious from the forefronting. Such a truly lovely book in all respects. 13k into the novel = superb! Go, go, go! ** Jeff, Yeah, I think you might really like Leve's work. See what you think. ** Matt Bell, Hi, Matt! What a great pleasure to see you! And it's a funny coincidence because I'm reading and really, really loving 'How They Were Found' right now. Gorgeous work, sir, goodness gracious! The blog will be giving it some love soon. Your entry on 'Suicide' was how I found out that the Leve book had been translated, actually, so I owe you. Plus, your piece on his writing is just spectacular! Anyway, thank you a lot for being here, man. ** Mikel Motorcycle, Hi, Mikel. Man, good luck with that job thing. I've got my ears tuned and opened too just in case. I'll be in LA in August, probably the first two or two and a half weeks or so. Great if you end up coming down then. Yeah, I'll try to remember to alert you once the trip dates are cemented, or remind me if I space out. ** Steevee, Hey. I kind of really love the Fucked Up album, relentlessness and all. Oh, Iceage, yes. I'm crazy about their album. I've been listening to it more than anything else the last few weeks. I envy you getting to see them. The videos of their live shows that I've seen look amazing. ** Postitbreakup, Hey. Well, ha ha, here's hoping the story goes viral. A Sims3 thing would be awesome, of course, Oh, one last and final date change on your post due to the late arrival of a time-sensitive guest post. Tuesday, the 21st. That's for sure. Sorry for the juggling. That happens a lot more often than I usually reveal. Hope your weekend was a good one, Josh. ** Bill, Hey. Yep, it was an in-and-out. Your piece is a big hit. I wish you could have been there to hear the proof for yourself. Oh, no, I won't go that opening, so I'll wait and go to the Maison Rouge show when you get here. It looks pretty interesting. Best to you, Bill! ** Jax, You're there! That's trippy to think about as well as to hear about. Alaska sounds a whole lot like Alaska sounds when I imagine it. Has the thing you're there for started yet? How is that, if so? Yeah, any reports you can squeeze out of the frontier wifi would be manna, pal. ** Schlix, Hey, Uli! ** Schoolboyerrors, Hey, D! So good to have seen you! So good of you to have come! Well, I look forward to talking to you more about the thing. Openings are no place to talk in depths. ** Alan, Hey. Yeah, I knew Edouard a little. We had dinners and talked at POL events, and I went to his studio to look at his photographs once. Extremely interesting guy, obviously. His suicide was a huge shock to everyone, and especially strange as he had turned in 'Suicide' at POL only a week before his death. I know his wife, yes, and of course that made it all very, very hard. I saw her not long ago. She seems like she's doing pretty well. Based on the pix I saw on FB, Killer's show does look just gorgeous. ** Casey McKinney, You're back! Back here! I want to hear all about the sidetrip. Let's hook up a little later on. I have an early afternoon rehearsal, but I'm free after that. Call me or I'll call you when I'm finished. ** Thomas Moronic, Hey, T! Really great to see you too, man. Wow, you beat me to the punch with the show photos. Let me ... Everyone, if you don't get your fill of visual evidence of 'The Weaklings' show here today, there's more evidence courtesy of the eyes and camera of Mr. Thomas Moronic over on Transductions, and you can find it here. ** Pisycaca, Hi, Montse! Yeah, it was big fun over there in London, I must say. The pix don't tell the richer part of the story, of course, but I hope you get the basic idea. Mega-love. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben! Hunh, that Zalgo thing looks very curious. New to me. A glance at the linked page was intriguing, and I'm going to go figure out what exactly is going on there later. And of course I can't wait for your piece. Yuck 'n' Yum had a place of pride in the show and was much thumbed and stuffed in coat pockets throughout the evening as bet I could tell. Thanks a lot for making it a part of the show, B! ** Paul Curran, Hey. Thanks, Paul. Yes, Marc gets a massive amount of thanks for the show and a ton of credit. Glad your immediates are back safe and laden. ** Bernard Welt, Ha ha, I just saw a notice of that power trio NYT event this morning. I am, yes, let's say, there in a flash or so. ** Inthemostpeculiarway, Hey! A Mustang convertible! An old Mustang? Old Mustangs from the, like, 60s and 70s might be my favorite car ever. The words 'government paper' do not inspire excitement, it's true. You're a true friend. Gee, that is a nice sounding phone. I only use mine (iPhone) to phone and text, even though Yury has it loaded up with every update and app in the world, so I wouldn't even know what to do with a phone like that except waste its golden opportunities. That lizard thing was super great. If lizards smell -- but I guess they must -- I could almost smell him/her. That's sad about Eyebrows' mini-breakdown. Crying in a car seems sadder than crying anywhere else for some reason. I don't know why. Movies? Anyway, I guess since he flirted with you, he must have passed through his little crisis rather quickly. My weekend: Let's see ... After the blog, Marc and Wolf came by where I was staying and we trekked over to Five Years and got the show up and running -- it makes a lot of noise due to the sounds from three of the pieces (Esther's, Jared's, and Michael's), which you can't tell from the photos, sadly. A person came by who was going to be sitting at the gallery's desk watching over the show that day, and we left. We were going to maybe go see some art shows, but there wasn't time, so we went to the St. Pancras Eurostar station, had a coffee, and then they bid me farewell. The train ride part was easy. I just read magazines and looked out the window. When I got back, I ate hurriedly and then Yury and I went to see this performance at the Pompidou. We met up with Gisele and Jonathan C. there. It was this big 80s spectacle type of show, mostly sound and light effects and a voiceover with this long smoke sculpture part at the end that was, ahem, rather strangely like (but not as good as) the one in 'TIHYWD'. Hm.... Anyway, that aside, I thought it was just awful. The spoken texts were really terrible. Painful. Oh, well. Then we came home and probably slept not long after. Yesterday, I did some catch up work and put together the slideshow post. Yury and I metroed down to Les Halles in the afternoon and saw Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris'. I really liked it. It's like this total mash note to Paris and to the most familiar parts of its literary/art history. Very romantic, kind of corny in a nice way, and really just a big pleasure to watch, I thought. Then we came back here, and I guess I did some more work and stuff. My sister called to talk to me about the memorial service for my dad that was happening yesterday, and, man, talk about a story that is way too long and complicated to go into, but the memorial got sort of hijacked by my psycho brother and turned into something that was basically a big ego trip on my brother's part in which my dad's death was kind of just the excuse, so my sister and her family boycotted it, and I would have boycotted it as well if I had been there, so that was kind of a weird thing. And then I think I just watched forgettable TV or something until sleep grabbed me. Yeah, I guess that was it. Monday, yours ... how was it? ** The Dreadful Flying Glove, Hi! Hm, actually, the Zappa poster I was referring to was an actual photo of him sitting on the toilet, seen from the side/front-ish. I guess it inspired offshoots? 'Man in the Holocene' is fantastic, yeah. I haven't seen the Dalkey edition, but I assume it has all the drawings and stuff in the original it? I hope you got better sleep, bud. ** Misanthrope, You're back! Envy on your NYC trip, obviously, although those temperatures temper my envy quite a bit. So you're going twink. Why not? I probably would if twinks could be old. Big up and yes indeed on the DeWitt. Anyway, buddy, it's a total boon to have you back, my friend! ** Bollo, Hey! Man, it was so great to meet you and get to hang out in quality time! Much more of that, please. Dude, Paris is close-ish, don't forget. Sounds like the rest of your trip was great. How was the Slater Bradley? I haven't seen his work in a long time. Yeah, I'm glad you got home safe, and, again, just totally wonderful to spend time with you, man. ** Slatted Light, Hi, David! Nice trio of books, yeah. Great about the Skype talk. This week sometime? Seems like just post-p.s. is the time that works for you? If so, I think I could talk tomorrow for a bit or Wednesday and definitely Friday. Any of those work for you? ** Tender prey, Ah, Marc! The true hero of 'The Weaklings'! Thank you so, so much. It was just a total joy, and getting to spend a lot of time with you and with the Wolf was amazing. I'm really looking forward to our Paris and Italy time. Anyway, your generosity and brilliance in all respects were a complete wonder, and it was a treasure of a time for me. Lots of love to you, Marc. ** Okay, I'll leave you to 'The Weaklings', and I hope you like the evidence, as wholly inadequate as I'm afraid it is. Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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